Merci Handy Flower Power Hand Cleansing Gel 30ML

Natural hand cleansing gel to carry with you at all times.


What does this wonder do ?

It gently cleans your hands, leaving them lightly scented.


Why is it amazing ?

  • Natural cassava alcohol cleans your hands at intergalactic speed.

Magical results :

Your hands are clean, soft and lightly scented.


Scents :

Flower Power: the scent of peace and love, a combination of juicy fruits and lily of the valley wrapped in musk notes and universal love spirit.


Clean ingredients
Clean ingredients
Travel size
Travel size

How to use

Dab onto your skin an equivalent of a pinch of rainbow.

Rub your hands for 10 seconds like you just if you plan a mischievous scheme 😈.

2.99 INC VAT

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