Merci Handy Miracle Skincare Set

A magical routine for those who believe in (true) miracles 💚


Why is it unique?

We drew on the powers of three magical ingredients (hemp, aloe vera, alga) and a jade stone to create a trippy face kit with three miraculous products for your skin. With its silver glitters, it will be the most beautiful gift to open under the Christmas tree.


What does this set contain?

  • A Moisturizing Facial Jelly (15ml)
  • A Miracle Serum for the face (30ml)
  • A jade Gua Sha to apply your serum

Magical results:

  • The Moisturizing Facial Jelly leaves your skin moisturized, soft, and smooth.
  • The Serum leaves your complexion even, reduces blemishes and moisturizes the skin.
  • The jade Gua Sha is known for its regenerating, soothing and purifying properties.



A light, addictive scent inspired by nature… Green floral notes, and a vegetable scent reminiscent of aloe vera and the aromatic facets of hemp.


Radiant skin, even complexion and long-lasting hydration
Radiant skin, even complexion and long-lasting hydration
Magical, non-greasy textures
Magical, non-greasy textures
Suitable for all skin types
Suitable for all skin types
100% recyclable cardboard
100% recyclable cardboard
Expected delivery by mid-november
Expected delivery by mid-november

How to use

Miracle Serum: apply a few drops morning and night to the entire face and eye area.

Gua Sha: use it when the serum is still wet on your skin. Start with the cheeks by massaging them from the inside out with the curved part of the gua sha, and make sure to massage the eye contour area and the cheekbones with the upper part of the heart. Continue towards the forehead, working from the eyebrows towards the hairline with the curved part. Finish with the jaw, using the upper part of the heart, and the neck, using the curved part.

Moisturizing Jelly: apply a pea-sized amount onto clean face every morning and evening.

Tips from the team

Put the jelly in your fridge for an even more refreshing effect in the summer!

35.00 INC VAT

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