Merci Handy Protective Face Mist 104ML

A natural face mist with aloe vera and hemp to protect and refresh the skin.


What does this wonder do?

It soothes and protects your skin (and soul) against daily external aggression and keeps your makeup fresh.

Fine mist, silicone and mineral oil-free formula to let the skin breathe.

Why is it amazing ?

  • Aloe vera has softening and moisturizing properties.
  • Hemp oil regenerates, revitalizes and firms the skin.

Magical results :

This product provides an immediate sensation of freshness and protects the skin against external aggression.

Parfum :

A light, addictive scent inspired by nature… Green floral notes, and a vegetable scent reminiscent of aloe vera and the aromatic facets of hemp.


How to use

Close your eyes. (Did you close them? Probably not, since you’re still reading…)

Spray mist about 15 cm away from your face, before your usual facial care or after makeup application.

Repeat during the day if needed. All skin types.

Tips from the team

Use our mist onto clean skin, before applying your makeup: it will help you fix it !

7.99 INC VAT

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