Schwarzkopf Osis Freeze Pump

Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Freeze Pump Strong Hold Pump Spray is a super-fine fixing spray that provides long-lasting hold and control. More than just a traditional hairspray, this product goes above and beyond. The ultra-fine mist applicator distributes the product evenly all over the hair, so that no strand is left out of alignment. The adaptable texture allows you to undo and re-do your hair even after you’ve applied the product, awarding you maximum verstaility with minimum hassle. Similarly, the lightweight texture is easy to brush out, so you can reset your style as often as you like.


    • Texture: spray;
    • Hair issues: regular styling;
    • Time of application: after styling;
    • Age: 13+;
    • Hair type: all hair types;
    • Main benefits: provides strong hold and long-lasting control, gives you the freedom to style and re-style your hair even after application, ultra-fine mist distributes evenly for all-around control, protects the hair against humidity and UV rays, light texture is easy to brush out without leaving residue on the hair.

How to use

After styling, hold Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Freeze Pump Strong Hold Pump Spray a few inches away from the hair; then, spray as desired. When you’re ready to undo your hair at the end of the day, simply brush out.

14.29 INC VAT

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