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Marvis Sensitive

Marvis Sensitive

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Italian Marvis is behind this delicious toothpaste, which turns your daily tooth brushing into a wonderful ritual.

This variant is specially made for sensitive teeth and gums. The unique formula consists of probiotics and hyaluronic acid, which makes it suitable for sensitive gums.

The toothpaste has a delicious, strong consistency and a wonderful, mild taste of mint. The proportion of fluoride is carefully adjusted, so you are guaranteed clean teeth and optimal protection against cavities.

One thing is the toothpaste itself and its outstanding properties - let's just take a look at the packaging and the tube! It must absolutely be every woman's (and possibly man's) wish to have such a nice toothpaste standing out in the bathroom. A beautiful pink toothpaste with a light marble effect - a real eye-catcher!

The Marvis toothpastes are perfect for every woman and man with a sense of design and aesthetics. This is also the reason why it is precisely Marvi's toothpastes that you find in the bathrooms of luxurious hotels such as Mama Shelter in Paris and the Bowery Hotel in New York.
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